Width: 0.50cm 

Length: 17.50cm 

Height: 16.00cm


What is in the box: 
5pcs of finger puppets

The hand puppets were handmade by the refugee women from the Chin state of Burma through an organization known as Mang Tha located in Kuala Lumpur.

The hand puppets were inspired by the characters in Norico Chua's "The Yellow Lion & The Blue Lion.


About the Author:

Norico Chua, otherwise known as Norico Watanabe, is an inspiring Japanese artist especially when it comes to children’s book illustrations. As The One Academy Multimedia Design graduate , Norico stands out as a creator, mother and wife with strong imagination and creative curiosity ever since she was a child. 


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    A set of 5 finger puppets, may be used while reading along with "The Yellow Lion & The Blue Lion". Puppets are a great way to engage the attention and imagination of children of all ages.

Magicbird - The Yellow Lion & The Blue Lion - Finger Puppets

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