Pure, unrefined Gula Apong Nectar harvested from the Nipah Palms of Sarawak's coastal areas. With a Low Glycemic Index, our Gula Apong Nectar is a healthier substitute for syrups & sweeteners for desserts, marinades and salad dressings.


Contents: 15 bottles x 428 grams

Origin: Coastal areas of Sarawak


As our items are made in small batches by homemakers we may request for some lead up time for your order to be prepared and delivered. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

Tanoti - Gula Apong Nectar

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Tanoti is a social enterprise focused on heritage craft preservation, women empowerment and rural community building. Tanoti has established the Tanoti Penan Community as an initiative to introduce sustainable income generation to Sarawak's remote forest communities.